When you come to the gym at Buchanan you will experience many fun and different physical activities.  This is a overview of the year of the different skills each grade level will learn and perform.

Grade K-2 Grade 3-6
Learning Environment

Space Awareness

Locomotors assessment

Throwing and catching

Kicking skills

Direction/ path awareness

Dribble with feet

Dribble with hands

Rolling and tumbling

Perception motor skills

Jumping and Balance

Rhythms/ and counting

Fitness Testing


Holiday themes

Learning Environments

Cooperate Activities

Motor Assessments

Kicking skills

Throwing/ Catching

Fitness Connection

Striking Skills

Tumbling Skills

Chasing/ Fleeing skills

Jumping Rope

Volleying Objects

Dribbling with hands

Dribbling with Feet


Multi Cultural Games

Fitness Testing

Fitness Games